Connie Dudley’s lessons in giving


Connie C. Dudley admits she is “a fish out of water” as an introvert doing an extrovert’s job.

As executive vice president of Product & Client Development for Implementation Services at TSYS/North America in Columbus, Ga., Dudley guides large clients like Target and Bank of America toward complex technical outcomes provided by the second largest credit-card payment processing company in the world.

Connie Dudley, Dr. Stas Preczewski and Danny Dudley
Dr. Stas Preczewski, GGC interim president (center), pauses for a photo with Connie Dudley and her husband, Danny Dudley, at a dinner hosted by Charles and Debra Oglesby before the School of Business Board of Visitors’ 2013 fall meeting.

When Dudley started her job at TSYS’ predecessor, Columbus Bank & Trust, in 1973, she had just graduated from high school. She assumed working would be like school.

“I thought if I just got an A, that was all that was required – and I always got good reviews, so I simply continued to work hard,” she said. However, Phil Tomlinson, now CEO of TSYS, eventually advised the introvert that she needed to focus more on her interactions with other people.

“That conversation started a new path. I reviewed my whole work environment,” said Dudley, embracing the challenge. Shortly afterward, she was assigned to lead a team struggling with two failed attempts at re-engineering the company’s key system.

“I had to learn to sustain successful relationships while disbanding the existing team and creating a new one. We created the new ‘gold standard’ system from the ground up. Since then, it’s been all about relationships,” Dudley said. “You can’t be successful on results alone; you must have excellent relationships.”

Since 2011, Dudley has shared her relationship lessons and experiences as chair of the charter Board of Visitors for the GGC School of Business. Her understanding of relationships has been key in leading the early activities of the board. She established the board’s signature project and personally hosted GGC officials at an international leadership forum in Columbus.

“You can’t be successful on results alone; you must have excellent relationships.”

– Dudley

“Connie sees how different kinds of support can make a significant impact on the college and students, both now and for the future,” said Dr. Victoria Johnson, dean. “We are deeply appreciative of her insightful leadership and generous contributions.”

In addition to serving as charter chair for the board, Dudley has given generously to The Daniel J. Kaufman Scholarship Fund and GGC’s Learning for Life series. In 2013, she hosted GGC academic leaders at the prestigious, TSYS-sponsored Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum in Columbus, Ga.

The School of Business Board of Visitors is a consortium of prominent business and civic leaders selected from prestigious regional, national and international entities. Board members partner with constituencies outside academia to build private support for the scholarships, professorships and internships that bring outstanding students, faculty and programming to GGC.

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